Botswana Safari Guide

    An Insiders Guide To Botswana's Top Attractions

Its a known fact that Botswana is one of (if not the top) African Safari destinations. However, planning a safari to Botswana can be a very daunting experience...especially if you haven't been to Africa before. 

There are so many places to visit ( many to avoid)...and countless activities to do. And with so many travel agents, tour operators, car rental companies.....safari lodges, hotels and camps to choose from....trying to plan it all alone can get confusing (and over-whelming) really fast!

No need to worry though because the sole purpose of this website is to make planning your safari an enjoyable,  enlightening and super exciting experience.

Why save all the fun for the actually safari when you can have just as much fun planning it  :)...

With that said, lets get started....

Top Attractions

if you're coming for a safari, you'll definitely end at least one these places. This is where all the safari action happens in Botswana.

No other Safari destination can offer such  diverse ecosystems  - - all within a few hundred kilometers from each other. 

The Chobe National Park

The Okavango Delta (the 1000th world heritage site)

The MakgadiKgadi Pans 

The Kalahari Desert

Hotels, Safari lodges and Campsites

Kasane Hotels

Maun Accommodation

Okavango Safari Lodges

Gaborone Hotels

Travel Essentials

Basic Travel Advice - Health, Visa, Embasis ...Customs..etc

Culture tips

Money and Currency issues

Botswana Facts

Botswana Tourism 101

There are literally 100+ pages of useful travel advice you can use to plan an unforgettable safari to Botswana, however the above few 'gems' will should get you on good start :) ...


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